How To Effectively Use A Coffee Press for the Best Brew

How To Effectively Use A Coffee Press for the Best Brew

There have been rumors about the French coffee press being a new tool for brewing coffee. While it is unknown hot coffee presses originated, we do know that this method has been around over a hundred years already.

But of all the rumors about coffee presses, we know one thing that’s true: French coffee makers beat modern brew machines by about a mile. However, since coffee presses are operated manually, it might need some skill to brew the perfect coffee mix. If you plan to get your coffee press today, here are some tips on how to get the best brew.

Measure The Water And Coffee With A Scale Whether you’re using a modern coffee maker or an ancient one, it’s vital to get the correct measurement if you want to achieve the best flavor and aroma.

We suggest using a scale since presses are unlike modern coffee makers that have their measurement device. You’ll have to ensure consistency on this part through a measurement scale. After this, you’ll get greater control of your brew just like how you want it.

Water Should Be Hot But Not Up To The Boiling Point Water is the key to creating a great brew, but while we need hot water for this, make sure the water isn’t too hot.

We highly advise against second-guessing the water’s hotness. Instead, we suggest you use a thermometer and make sure that water is somewhere within the 195-205F range.

Don’t Stir The Coffee While It’s Brewing Extraction plays a significant role in coffee brewing since it dissolves the soluble flavors found from the coffee grounds.

But if you try to stir the coffee before the time is up, not only will this make the grinds fall out of the suspension, but it will also slow down the extraction process.

A famous coffee shop in the US conducted a study on stirred vs. unstirred coffee. The outcome of the experiment showed that letting the coffee sit during the brewing process results to a more flavorful coffee.

Immediately Pour The Coffee Out Of The Carafe After Plunging The coffee will keep on extracting as long as it is still inside the coffee press. With that, you need to take the coffee out of the carafe as soon as you are done with the plunging.

Keep A Record Of Your Coffee Recipe

Finding the right coffee mix isn’t easy. In line with that, you need to take note of the grind, ratio, and brew time, you apply to your coffee.

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This will help you remember which particular method resulted to a bitter coffee or which one turned out to be the perfect mix.

Get your coffee press today. There may be a lot of modern coffee makers out there, but you haven’t tasted real coffee yet until you’ve brewed one using a French coffee press. You also might want to bring out some pen and paper. It might take you a while to get the perfect coffee mix. And when you thought you found the right one, you might be surprised to find a coffee recipe that you liked better than the first one. So, it’s important always to take notes.

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