Must-have Watches for Different Occasions

Must-have Watches for Different Occasions

Wearing watches is somehow wired in the DNA of men. If you do not wear one, you will surely feel out of sync. Wristwatches tell more than time for it can also represent your style and your personality. With this, it is important that you become conscientious about your watches.

If in this case, you are just starting your watch collection, here are must-have watches for different occasions:

Dress watch

Every man should have a dress watch. This is the watch that you use for important social and business functions where you wear a suit or a tuxedo. The right dress watch will exude simplicity and sophistication. It is sleek and not flashy but it draws attention to itself.

When you look for a dress watch, consider the size, case, face, and the band. The size should be thin and the case circular. As for the face, the dial should display simple hour indexes. The band is preferably leather, which is known for its classy look.

Field watch

Field watches give off military vibe because of its rugged yet functional and stylish design. Field watches are meant to be versatile. With this, it can be worn on all kinds of adventures. This is your go-to watch for everyday casual wear.

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When you look for a field watch, consider the size, face, case, and band. The size should be small to medium. The face should feature easy-to-read numerical indexes. As with the case, it should be stainless steel or titanium. Finally, the band can be a canvas strap or leather. Metal is too heavy and it is easy to scratch.

Dive watch

The next thing that you should own is a dive watch. A dive watch is common and you see it in sporting men. It became popular because of James Bond. As the name suggests, this type of watch is designed for men who spend a lot of time near or in water. While it is designed for underwater, you can use it for everyday casual wear.

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When you look for a dive watch, you should consider the size, face, case, and band. The size should be medium with a face that features bold and easy-to-read numbering. The case is a uni-directional bezel, which allows the diver to know how long he has been underwater. As with the band, it should be metal.

Other watches include racing or driving watch and pilot watch. Racing or driving watches are flashier because of its bold look. The pilot watch can also be worn for casual get-ups. To add on your list, you should also look for best replica watches.

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