The Truth of Werner Boehm: Unleashing various blackmailing facts

Werner Böhm/Boehm

Blackmailing has long been on the rise due to the very fact that one can easily target vulnerable audience and extract suitable and valuable elements from them. There are so many facts out there that one is unaware about and the ugly reality can be unleashed with the help of certain tools that are very hard to achieve. With the rise of criminal activities and cases, there has been frequent blackmailing in this field, owing to the lacks of ground lessness. But seeing the recent contemporary works of several individuals, one can carefully not miss Werner Boehm, who was convicted of a huge sum of money for the dismissing of several articles. Although he was the CEO of his own Company, but the board of directors under special command terminated his position as a result of all the false activities done behind closed walls. The very fact that a lot of fake news have been posted, has resulted in the complete disclosure and insult of the company itself and therefore, proper actions were taken to investigate the matter properly.

What were the false allegations that were told by Werner Boehm?

According to the statements being told by the press, Werner Boehm kept on spreading negativity all around especially by accusing people of blackmailing him. Most of the news released by the press condemned the current CTO that he allegedly tried to sue Boehm without any reason. Although the news is completely false, a large number of shares currently under the Werner have been cut off as well and thus, a meeting with the shareholders have been organized to discuss the matter further. Most of the posts uploaded by him have made a huge crisis among the individuals in the business industry. Many have been victimized in this regard, without knowing the fact as to what crime has been committed in return. Additionally, most of the blackmailing is said to have been planned with great cautiousness and there are specific gangs working under Werner that take up the task to find the victims in the proper manner. Only those individuals are well targeted, who are properly known by him and this enables him to make the blackmailing task much easier.

What are the hurtful consequences?

 The entire team of blackmailer’s contacts via email and several chat apps and most of the messages are kept confidential. Before all the news is published, Werner is contacted and all the applicable readings are published within a time of seconds. The only motive is to take out all the private information and present only the part that deems to be the best.

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The victim deliberately gets a link of the article that is to be posted and if larger sum of money is not paid, one is threatened with severe consequences. The result is that innocent people are falling prey to the illegal activities that are taking place and it is advised to be careful when working online with someone.

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