Role of Viral videos in shaping the notion of upcoming generations

Role of Viral videos in shaping the notion of upcoming generations

Over the last couple of years, much has been said and done about Viral videos. Apart from being one of the most trending words that not many know about, it is also the most powerful tool available at our disposal that comes with immense responsibilities. Right from the person who made the video to the people and the content platform involved in sharing it; everyone knowingly plays an active role in shaping the notion of upcoming generations.  With pretty much everybody having a good camera phone these days, videos are hitting the internet at a rather ruthless rate. And so In order to grab maximum attention and traffic, the accountability of being a lucrative video content platform owner plays a huge in role in deciding what notion we aim to instil in the minds of our upcoming generation.

To begin with, what exactly is a viral video?

Viral videos or funny hindi videos are not simply something that is used by brands for marketing and promotion purposes. It is a highly shareable video content that appeals to the masses in such a way that it ends up garnering an insane amount of viewer ships within a span of few minutes. It can be interesting, fascinating, bizarre, funny, appalling, unforgetful or even surprising; for a video to go viral it will create a strong human emotion as well as connect. You can easily identify a viral video when you end up seeing it almost everywhere on the internet and not just social media. It creates umpteen conversations, garners coverage on popular blogs/ vlogs, is across top sites, is re-tweeted and shared on Facebook by more than a million fans; all in just a few minutes. Sometimes it even ends up getting covered by leading news channels across continents for more mileage.

But the thing here to note is, that not every viral video is good enough to be streamed on a platform. Video platforms can try and apply some filters so as to weed out videos that can not be verified or are just fake propaganda’s. Due to the sheer amount of videos this may get a bit difficult, but an effort in this direction will definitely go a long way in curbing the spread of such videos.The upcoming generation is unsuspecting and they do not understand the repercussions they create therefore they end up sharing such videos.

Viral Responsibility

There are some videos which many think should not go viral but they do anyway. Videos of the military personnel on warfront or of bloodshed in war-torn states create quite a stir at a time when these places are already in a critical state. Such videos often spread without any verification of source and lead to further distress and sometimes undue hatred among people. There are also other videos which show cruelty to animals, women being harassed or mob lynching videos to alleged transgressors which get circulated all over the internet and social media.These videos sometimes take a serious turn and create a havoc among people. Even we as an audience have a responsibility of not sharing such videos mindlessly to the extent that they become viral. These are some incoherent examples that are important to make us think about the role we play in such a situation. Giving extra mileage to a situation rather than curtailing its growth is not the need of the hour. The responsibility lies in engaging more young people to improve their own lives and the lives of others with good content. It is vital to comprehend that the upcoming generation is looking at such viral videos to shape their minds.

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Viral videos tend to create an immense impact on the mindset of the upcoming generation. With internet being at the core of every piece of information, it acts as a powerful influencer for this very generation. Bill Gates had once said that children born after 1994, are the first generation to grow up with the Internet. They have learnt to consume technology before they learnt to consume a morsel. They are an unconscious participant to viral videos, viral memes, viral tweets that are being consumed by them as a part of their daily routine.

Social Responsibility

As a viable video content platform, the onus is on us to make an effort that the viral information they consume is something that will have a positive effect rather than a negative effect on them. Undertaking a certain conscious parameter is what will set us apart from others only because we make an attempt to ensure the development of their mindsets towards the greater good. Known to feed off visual media, especially videos; this generation wants content that grabs their attention quickly; they are at a prime stage of influence thus it is incredibly easy to sway them.

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With a proliferation of content and resources, more than a billion videos have become accessible — anytime, anywhere. We need to segregate the good from the bad on our respective platforms and show them what is viable enough to be shown. By this, we definitely don’t mean manipulation of content, but certainly not something that is being streamed just to keep them engaged to your platform.  A lucrative video content platform gives them the power to break down content barriers. They are an ideal gateway to learning about what is happening across the world.  Therefore the responsibility is more in making sure that they are not being misled through wrongful viral videos. Self-censorship of digital content like viral videos on your platform is extremely important.

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