Popular Smartwatches That Matter Now

Popular Smartwatches

Over time, smartwatches are becoming everyone’s need every passing day. A smartwatch can be called a small wearable computer that has a color display, multiple mobile-like features, and touch screen interference for daily use. Not only this, but it comes with so many essential features. Such as heart rate monitors, pedometers, physical activity trackers (for running, swimming, cycling, etc.), blood pressure monitors, and sleep, monitors. Similarly, if you are also thinking forward to buying any smartwatch then there is no limit to its options but finding the perfect one can be an overwhelming task for you. It is because there is endless great wearable available in the market.

Not every watch can best fit your choice. You need to ensure what features you are after in a smartwatch. So, from its operating system to spec and price compatibility, there is a lot to consider in a smartwatch. Hence, this blog has picked the top smartwatches for you to consider.

1- Apple Watch 7

Apple Watch 7 is one of the best, trendiest, and most luxurious smartwatches that you consider for your wrist. Talking about its features, it is OS 8 watch, with the compatibility of iOS. This classy-looking watch has a display of 1.69 / 1.9 inches OLED. Its screen is super bright and large. The processor that it operates is the apple S7. It comes with onboard storage that is 32 GB. It has 18 hours battery capacity that charges through a wireless method.  The best part about this product is, that it is water-resistant to 50m. Further, the connectivity options that this smartwatch offers are wi-fi, Bluetooth, LTE, and NFC. There are two reasons, you may not like this watch. First, its battery life is short. Second, you will be needing an iPhone to operate it because it does not operate through any other system. Luckily, you can buy more quality smartwatches like this with Ontime promo code at huge discounted rates.

2- Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung galaxy watch 4 is one of the best smartwatches that are trending now. Talking about its features, it has a wear OS. The best part about this product is, that it is compatible with all androids out there. Similarly, it has excellent performance with an attractive display of 1.2 inches 396 x 396 / 1.4 inches 450 x 450 with super AMOLED. The processor that it operates is dual-core 1.18GHz. Its onboard storage is a total of 16. What makes this watch stand out among other smart watches is that it has superb features with a long battery duration that lasts up to 3 days straight. The smartwatch does not require any wire to charge hence its charging method is wireless. The only thing that you may not like about this product is, that it has limited compatibility

3- Fitbit Versa 3

If you don’t want to wear Samsung or Apple then an ideal choice other than these is Fitbit Versa 3. It is a good option with a wallet friendly price. This smartwatch is best for the ones who want to focus particularly on fitness features. It has in built GPS system and a display that shows a crisp image. This is excellent wearable watch, but again as mentioned it’s more a fitness tracker than a smart watch. Further, this watch looks really amazing in hand that eventually sparkles some stars of your personality.

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