How to stylise gold maang tikka?

gold maang tikka

Is a wedding around the corner in your house? Are you wondering which maang tikka would look perfect with your pretty wedding dress? One of the preferred maang tikkas is made of gold. They are traditional jewellery item which has been a trendy piece during weddings. These could either be delicate or heavy, junky or precious, supporting artist or a lead role. This ornament has millions of varieties.

One of the challenges after finding the right gold maang tikka is how to wear them? Whether you prefer buns, gajras in hair, loose hair with side partitions, or team them with a saree, wedding lehenga, tube gown, or Patiala suit, this list teaches you how to wear the maang tikka appropriately, without leading to disappointments.

Big Maang Tikka

When you think of wearing any gold maang tikka design, you need to be a lover of it. When you are professional at it, nothing is stopping you. When you have mastered how to carry off a gold maang tikka, you only need to learn how to rock them with different looks. If you are a bride, consider an entire set. Let it sparkle on the album, be it big gold earrings or heavy neckpiece.

If you arethe groom’s sister-in-law or sister, go for a subtle look, like without earrings, as the maang tikka will steal the show. Team them with a bold lip shade and eye makeup, and you are sure to rock the function. You pair them with anything like a salwar kameez or a bridal lehenga. This will also match up a gorgeous saree.

Overlapping side curls

This is one of the intelligent ways to explore how to wear gold maang tikkas. Consider the density of the ornaments according to the styling of your dress, embroidery, makeup, and the hairstyle you prefer. The side curls are the most balanced look. If you pair them with tube gowns, the loose curls tied to the side looks stunning.

You can keep the neck area exposed with a delicate gold and diamond necklace to pair them with the maang tikka. The floral hair clip, and big, elegant earrings, along with a subtle maang tikka,gives a charm to the bridal look. This is a versatile maang tikka, and so pair them with a western dress, like a gown for the reception. With western dresses, less is always more. However, you can also pair them with thin jackets or shrugs, or even a dress with a choli or crop top.

A hidden magic

Have you ever wondered about the maang tikkas you buy on online jewellery portals? Where do they hold? Most of us believe it gets pasted on the forehead unless we realise there is a technique to it. The delicate and hidden maang tikka with some diamonds to the gold is the most elegant one. Keeping the maang tikka hidden and not needs art. The hairstylist ties up your hair such that the sleek tikka thread that lurks in the centre gets hidden.

All you see is the latkan on the forehead, andit is a magic trick. Since this tikka is so delicate, it deserves an elegant outfit like a contemporary saree, or finely embroidered lehenga, which does not have too much glitter. So, your tikka, which has gold mixed with diamonds, rubies, or other precious gemstones, should be the star of the look.

The graceful overlap

The other way to wear that maang tikka you bought via online jewellery shopping is the hair overlapping style on the hooking strand of the tikka. Almost 70% of hair gets overlapped to the side, blanketing the maang tikka underneath. The hair then gets tied to a bun which Gajra further adorns. With a small loosely left hair, the way they fall on the forehead and near the maang tikka makes the entire look effortless.

This is the perfect maang tikka look for those heavy North Indian lehengas and heavy jewellery. These maang tikkas are best with emerald stones and gold.

A neat bun

The best way to show off that gold maang tikka is a bun, especially if you have three-stranded maang tikka. This gets majestically placed on the edge of the hair and the forehead while each of the three ends is hooked to the side. This gets done tightly,and the neat bun is towards the back. You could have a high bun as well. Make use of your Gajra to enhance the maang tikka. A lehenga or a gown, mainly for sangeet functions, is what would make the maang tikka stand out.

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