How to Save Money While Patronizing Local Pizza Spots Using the Slice App

Local Pizza

Everyone has a favorite local pizza spot that offers a uniquely delicious product. Still, with modern pizza chains offering helpful online ordering and easy-to-use apps, it can be all too easy to forgo supporting a local business in favor of enjoying the convenience offered by larger chains.

Luckily, you can still purchase your favorite locally made pizza from a family-owned business while benefiting from the convenience of online ordering using the revolutionary Slice App. According to, the Slice app is favored by over seventeen thousand local pizza joints and provides you with convenient ordering options without high markups and added fees for using their services.

Continue reading to discover just how to get fantastic deals when using the Slice App so that you can support small businesses, all while getting the most out of your hard-earned cash by using promo codes and helpful coupons.

Slice Discount Tips 

  • Make Use of the App – This revolutionary app, available both on the

Google Play Store, as well as the App Store, will provide you with the ability to scan local menus, specialize your order, and get your favorite local pizza ordered and delivered with ease. Referring friends to this app can get you special discounts, and some pizza spots offer app users access to other benefits like fast-lane ordering.

  • Create a Slice account – This crucial step will give you access to loyalty

rewards that will accumulate as you continue to utilize Slice’s convenient services. This way, you will be able to get fairly compensated for your continued support of local businesses with savings opportunities and helpful discounts.

  • Take Advantage of Coupons and Slice Promo codes – By simply

downloading the slice app or using their website, you will have the ability to enter in special promo codes and coupons to earn fantastic savings. Check Slick for a comprehensive list of unique savings opportunities that will be sure to help you enjoy your favorite local pizza at a fraction of the regular price and earn up to ten dollars off your next order.

How To Enter Slice Promo Codes

Download the Slice app, or head to Slice’s online location, follow the easy-to-understand directions, and then you will have the opportunity to enter special promo codes before you complete your order. The process is just that simple, so what are you waiting for? Make use of this revolutionary service today and enjoy your favorite local pizza with ease.

To Sum It Up

Getting access to your favorite local pizza joint has never been cheaper or more convenient. Simply download the Slice app to get access to this great online ordering service and gain the ability to scan local menus, learn of new exciting locations to try, and refer friends to Slice for special discounts. Create a Slice account to stack up loyalty rewards to get the savings you deserve for consistently supporting local businesses. Then look for unique promo codes and coupons that you can apply before placing your order for steep discounts.

Stop supporting corporate pizza spots simply due to the convenience they offer, instead enjoy the unique flavor of locally crafted pizza with the benefit of online ordering from your smartphone today using Slice.

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