How To Buy The Right Necklace For Your Neckline?

How To Buy The Right Necklace For Your Neckline?

If you go through your jewellery assortment, you will find a couple of jewellery you hardly ever wear. Do you know why? It may be because you are not fond of the piece anymore or you got bored with it. But there are two critical reasons associated with it.

First, it does not work with your wardrobe, and second, it does not look flattering on you. Whether it is a chain, string of pearls, or pendants, you need to consider your neck, body type, and face to get the overall look right. Whether you buy a necklace online or offline, you need to consider if it will complement your neckline.


When you wear strapless necklines, a choker looks excellent. These types of necklaces draw attention away from the stomach and to the neck. Moreover, choose shorter pendants as they will maintain attention to your collar bones and necklines.

Wearing shorter pendants can elegantly accentuate the neck. On the other hand, if your goal is to take the attention away from the neck, you should consider wearing a princess necklace. Such necklace pieces will keep the attention to your shoulders.

Squared Neckline

When you are wearing clothes with a square neckline, go for angular pendants. If you go for necklaces that also have a square-shaped pendant, it will make your neckline appear too boxed in. Moreover, depending on where your neckline ends, you should decide the length of the necklace.

Please do not exceed the necklace’s length beyond the neckline, as it will offer a mismatched look. Moreover, it can also make you appear shorter and put more emphasis on the upper body. Complementing your square neckline with an angular necklace will put the focus on your jawline.


V-neck necklines draw attention to your cleavage or chest. Therefore the necklace you select should do the same. If you select a rounded necklace for your V-neck attire, you will look mismatched. When you are wearing a plunging neckline, the necklace should align with your chest. Moreover, do not choose necklaces that are too lengthy; they will draw attention away from the neckline.

Sweetheart Neckline

Sweetheart necklines put the focus on your shoulders, neck, and at times cleavage. The necklace you choose should also do the same. Select a necklace featuring a wider pendant to balance the space that is left open on your neckline.

However, make sure that the pendant you choose is not too big. Instead of rigid, hard angles, look for pendants with soft angles and curves. This will balance the sharp angles of the sweetheart neckline. Additionally, make sure that the length of the necklace is not too long. Wearing a princess necklace or choker will maintain attention to the chest.

Collared Neckline

When you wear collared necklines, there is not much space to work with. Therefore, if you have a longer neck, then you should wear a choker. On the other hand, if your neckline is short, opt for a necklace featuring a pendant, which rests above the last button open.

Above are some essential factors that you should consider when buying a necklace for yourself.

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